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Thanks for the post, Dan! So glad you like them! Wow you have an old school Throwboy pillow. I probably handmade that myself! The new ones are even softer and machine washable!
@robertohoyos I'm disappointed the poo emoji is sold out. Any chance you can make an OK Girl emoji pillow (it's an inside joke for a friend). :)
@rrhoover Haha I didn't know she was called that! Unfortunately we don't do custom pillows but we're always taking suggestions so thanks! Yeah I'm sorry that we're out of the Poop Emoji Pillow. We had a really crazy holiday and they sold out completely. But they'll be back in early January along with mini plush keychain versions called Throwbabies! Maybe a Throwboy Gift Card in the meantime would "doo"? πŸ˜„ :)
This is an awesome Christmas present for a pretty good price ($19.99 +$8 shipping to California). Unfortunately, a lot of them are sold out, but will be back in stock in January. :( I have an RSS Throwboy pillow and can vouch for their quality. See more emoji in my Emoji products collection
Neat idea! Was the emoji don't icons licensed from Apple? If not, is there any concern that Apple will come after you? The recent emoji mask threads on Reddit seems to have started a lot of debate about the viability of businesses that leverage the popularity of emoji.