Throwback Stories

Create stunning Instagram Stories from your memories

Throwback Stories helps you remember what happened on this day a year ago. Share your Throwback as an awesome Instagram Story!

Thank you for hunting Chris! Hello Product Hunters! I’m the founder of Beta Labs. We weren’t very happy with the last Timehop update, so we decided to build something we liked! We also wanted to help you share it on Instagram as a Story, that’s why we’ve optimized it for that use case! We believe that Instagram Stories shouldn’t be limited to content created in the past 24 hours. The app also helps you create stunning Instagram stories from any type of content! We wrote a medium post with the story behind: Let us know if you have any questions!
Just played around with it.. Why can't i choose which photos I want to turn into stories? Also, it took a long time and 3 efforts for it to connect to Instagram. Awesome idea though, can see great use for it. 👍🏼
@mohitghate glad you like it! Working hard to fix the Instagram integration!
@mohitghate Instagram accounts now working! (private and public)
Says no instagram account found with this user name even though it exists.
@dipesh_wagle Hi Dipesh! What's the Instagram account?
@dipesh_w Hi Dipesh! We're working now to integrate private accounts. You can use any public account! Sorry!
@dipesh_wagle Hi Dipesh! Private Instagram accounts are now working. Enjoy!