Pregnancy and baby tracking for parents & medical providers.

A mobile app for expecting mothers and new parents that collects inputted day-to-day information about their pregnancy, newborn, or toddler. They then get health and wellness insights that their doctor also receives and monitors.
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Sean Usman
Entrepreneur | Dad | Lifelong Learner
My journey began in November of 2015 when our son, Evan, was born. Being first-time parents, my wife and I had no idea what to expect when we brought him home from the hospital. We tried to do everything according to “the book” and followed all the advice our pediatrician gave us; but, Evan was struggling to gain weight. Despite doing everything we could to help him, he was still diagnosed with Failure to Thrive. The doctor didn’t seem to understand our struggles at home. We were lost and felt like we failed as parents. No parent should have to experience this. Fast forward to today. We started Jollitot to help all parents take control and be empowered when it comes to their prenatal and pediatric care.
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