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Salesforce as it should be

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Say goodbye to manual data entry: Salesforce as it should be.

✔ Uses A.I. to enter activities and contacts

✔ Creates new contacts from your conversations

✔ Keeps contact information updated at all times

✔ Syncs any calendar from/to Salesforce

✔ Latest technology, compatible with our free email integration


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Vincent Jong
Vincent JongMaker@vincegtd · CEO, Thrive for Email
Hi guys, I’m the CEO and founder of Thrive for Email. We have created Thrive to automate administrative work for sales employees so you can focus on selling again. The first topic we tackle is follow up management, which is the key to successful sales. With Thrive’s automatic follow up management you will never lose track of a conversation again. We are already growing our features further to automatically organizing email campaigns in your inbox and forwarding relevant conversations to your CRM. Many things to come :) Looking forward to hear your feedback, or any other questions or comments!
Thomas Schranz ⛄️
Thomas Schranz ⛄️Hunter@__tosh · Co-founder & CEO, Blossom
Thrive is a nice take on giving you sales super powers. It is an email client that automatically detects email campaigns and internal mail so it doesn't get into your way and recommends next steps to take to close a deal. I think we'll see way more of these email experiences focused on specific tasks going forward.
Adrian Alexandru
Adrian Alexandru@iamadrian88 · Head of Marketing @Dashmote
How is this different to other follow up tools in the market like Yesware or Boomerang?
Vincent Jong
Vincent JongMaker@vincegtd · CEO, Thrive for Email
@iamadrian88 There are 2 important differences. First of all, Thrive for Email is not a browser extension - it connects to the backend of your email account and captures all emails sent from any device or software automatically, instead of just the ones you send from the browser that has one of the other tools installed. In addition, instead of requiring you to set a reminder by hand, Thrive automatically detects which conversations should be followed up to. If you send an email to a customer and don’t receive an answer within a few days, Thrive will automatically add it to your follow up list so you always know what to do next.
Florian Dorfbauer
Florian Dorfbauer@fdorfbauer · CEO Usersnap
I like the name :) - What's the primary target group for thrive?
Vincent Jong
Vincent JongMaker@vincegtd · CEO, Thrive for Email
@fdorfbauer Thanks :) We are already seeing very good results for companies that work with email campaigns. Thrive can automatically detect the campaigns and allow you to set specific follow up settings, and label the conversations in your inbox. We also have a good number of other companies as customer which simply value the fact that they don’t have to think about setting follow up reminders again.
Kurt Lojka
Kurt Lojka@kurtfresh · community captain
I'm a paying customer - helped me to get sanity back to my inbox! Key feature for me: Can dedicate time to focus on follow-ups instead of getting more & more emails into my inbox (like with e.g. boomerang). Instead I just write emails and when it's follow-up time I go into a separate window and can focus on it.