Manage your SMB from your iPhone



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Reza KhadjaviHiring@rezakhadjavi · CEO, Shoelace
This is great! Can you talk a little about how the notifications for 'Construction' / 'Weather' actually work? How does Thrive pull data about construction happening outside a store?
Bach LeMaker@bach_le · CTO, Shopventory
@rezakhadjavi We're gathering weather data from various sources including publicly available data. The different types of notes that you see are things a business owner can jot down about their business so they can get it out of their heads and into something quantifiable. This helps them analyze how external events outside of their control are affecting their business and helps us correlate these events with their sales.
Reza KhadjaviHiring@rezakhadjavi · CEO, Shoelace
@bach_le very cool. I really like the idea of empowering SMBs and especially love products that pull different pieces of data into one place. Eager to follow your progress :)
Tyler HayesHunter@thetylerhayes · Bebo
I would have loved to have had this when I ran my first SMB, Tyler the Techie.
Jonathan HowardHiring@staringispolite · Growth engineer & founder
@thetylerhayes Are you signing off as "Tyler the Techie", or was your first SMB called "Tyler the Techie"?
Tyler HayesHunter@thetylerhayes · Bebo
@staringispolite can it be both?
Krista Anne@themakerync
Thrive team - really excited about this app! Awesome integrations that were very easy to set up. Can't wait to see the data grow. Great idea and execution (so far!).
Bach LeMaker@bach_le · CTO, Shopventory
Hey everyone, happy to answer any questions you guys have about Thrive.
Bill Hendricks@billhendricksjr · Head of Product @TaxAct
Love the idea, but can't use it yet. Any plans for an Android app or web version?
RaresMaker@raresman · Co-Founder
@billhendricksjr Thanks! We're hard at work on an Android version so stay tuned for news on that front. As far as a web version, we are exploring adding a web app with more enhanced analytics capabilities to allow business owners a more in-depth view of their data.