Smart finger-prick blood tests you take at home

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Hey everyone! Tom, one of the founders here. Happy to answer any questions! You can also use the code PH50 for 50% off your first Baseline subscription test.
I used Thriva last year to do some basic blood tests (including a Diabetes test). I was extremely impressed with the product, the team's attitude and mission, and the service as a whole. The test was quick and easy to complete (good, clear instructions included which were helpful) and I had my result - clear and concise- within a few days. Since then it seems the product has been developed significantly and I look forward to using it again. Good luck Thriva team!
Take your health into your own hands (basically)... Interested to see how many of these DIY kits for health take off - will people trust them 100%, rely on them and continue to use them monthly/yearly/etc - I think we should but taking your health into your own hands can be something people may not be comfortable with....yet. Announced at The Europas, their seed funding from Seedcamp, 500 and LCIFdetails on TechCrunch
Love it! My health information has to be more accessible to me. I hope one day it will happen more seamlessly and without requiring from me any action. Anyway, it's a great stuff! I would love to try.
Good product and team + backing of Seedcamp