Thrifty Pup

Upcycled products for fancy dogs.

Thrifty Pup just launched and sells classy bowties for fancy dogs. My wife started this business because our dog, Kirby, would always wear bowties she made to our family parties, etc. She got a lot of compliments and now here we are! There's an extra special July 4th collection for this year's BBQ. All of the materials are made of of recycled and scrap designer fabric to prove that you can make something special out of nothing (i.e. upcycled).
@bkrall I'm not kidding, I wish I knew about this when I proposed a month ago!
@markbgh @bkrall What about for the wedding! haha
Great concept and love the website, super clean and easy to use. I think it's time to dress up my pooches
Great execution! The products look fancy but not too fancy. I kid you not, just yesterday I was thinking whether I was going to buy something special for my doggie for 4th of July. This is perfect.
@leasemolina Thanks, that's awesome to hear. You can use "PRODUCTHUNT" at checkout :)