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#3 Product of the DayOctober 17, 2018 is a revolutionary reminders app that redefines how you remember small tasks.

To add a reminder, tap three hints: the who, the what, and the when. This is faster than typing, faster than OK Google, is perfectly enough to remember the task in short term, and is something you’ll quickly learn to do instinctively.

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Hey Product Hunt! 😸 This day has finally come! After 6 months of working on this app on my own, I’m super excited to show it to you and the world! Taking something so ubiquitous as a to-do / reminders app and still being able to come up with something new  is perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime deed. With this app I also want to show that even in the possibly most over-saturated market there's still room for innovation. And for that you don't necessarily need sophisticated tech or packing in more features. The story behind making is quite wordy, so I moved it to a separate comment. 📢 Some Q/A: What platforms is it for? Right now, Android only. That’s the only one I could code for myself. If I earn enough from the Android version (or at least see it getting traction), the first thing I’ll do is hire an iOS developer. Then a designer / illustrator. Then maybe expand to desktop / web. Wait, is it paid? It’s freemium. You can use the free version (everything available at the moment) as long as you like. But if you need extra features and customization options (or want to support the idea 😉), there’ll be a one-time Pro unlock. It will let you: • customize all the tiles; • set up recurring reminders; • save to Google Calendar; • and more to come. These will start shipping by the end of this year. Also there’ll be a subscription option for cloud-based features, such as sync and family access — the ones that will have recurring costs for me. Those I plan to ship in early 2019. As a consumer, I really dislike the trend of making the apps subscription-only, so I’m giving my users a choice. This way, if you’re happy with saving to Calendar and don’t need the in-app sync, you don’t have to buy a subscription. Why buy now? Right now I’m doing a Kickstarter-style thing. Paid features aren’t there yet, but my strong devotion to the project is. Right now I’m working on the project alone, full-time, burning through my savings. Your support will help development tremendously, allowing me to grow the team, build new features faster, expand to more platforms, and reach more people 🙏 If you buy now you’ll get special early bird deals! The "Pro forever" is 35% off and comes with a bonus –33% on subscription for lifetime! Also it’s the only chance to grab the "Everything for lifetime" deal and never hear of subscription again. Special promo code for amazing Product Hunt community: 💰 Get a ~20% discount for "Everything for lifetime" deal with the promo code kitties! Enter it in the app: tap the three dots menu on the purchase screen to find the promo code input. Use it to buy the app before Oct 23, or the discount will expire. 💰 Feel free to ask me anything!
One of the things I love about Product Hunt is exploring unique design patterns and the ways makers solve problems with creative UX. This fast, block-based UI is unique. Nice work, @paul_danyliuk. 👏
@rrhoover O_O Thank you Ryan!! Can I have the Kitty now? 😆

Usually all todo apps have a really tedious process of task and todo adding. This is why I'm not using them, mostly. In that's totally not the case. You can create a simple todo in a blink of an eye! Or even faster, I guess. Totally recommended.


Super fast


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💡 I made out of personal pain. As a software developer I know very well how easy it is to lose one’s precious focus and how hard it is to regain it back. It happened very often that a family member would approach me with a trivial request like, “Can you please look up the weather for the weekend?” Typing a to-do or scribbling a sticky note for that would be just as distracting as doing the task right away, so I never wrote it down. As a result, I usually forgot it, and soon everyone thought of me as a person whom they could not depend upon. 😢 I tried several popular to-do apps myself, but none of the apps made it easy to quickly enter short term tasks and were primarily designed for planning and basically encouraged making pretty lists. Using a voice assistant had its own friction: to create a reminder I had to articulate the whole sentence like, "OK Google, remind me to something in that many minutes," which was distracting enough on its own. And if the data wasn't on, I had to enable it and repeat the command. Talking to my friends, I realized I wasn't alone. Many of them gave up on Todoist and alike, as those apps were only useful as long as the user kept investing time into keeping everything organized. While looking all shiny in their marketing, those often simply failed to work in real busy lives. I was surprised to learn that many of my friends started using basic alarm and timer apps for untitled 5–10 min reminders. That’s how I came up with an idea of tap-tap-tap fast app to defer small tasks. That’s what it is — a reminders app for busy people. It is not here to overthrow powerful planning apps like Todoist, but to complement them where the latter fall short: quickly setting reminders for small short-term things. --- On a side note, I got rejected from a local startup competition because my idea wasn’t validated enough. Let’s prove them wrong!
I'm a huge fan of your previous work but this is your masterpiece, Paul. It really is a joy to use. I love how frictionless it is to add reminders, it's almost like a game. Easily the best reminder app I have ever used on any OS. I wish you the best with it, you deserve it!
@antonis_tsagari Thank you for being my ambassador, but even more thank you for being my friend! Who knew that meeting each other at a Google+ discussion about Google I/O contest three years ago would go such a long way? I mean, where's Google+ now, ha? 😁
@paul_danyliuk Ahaha, has it been three years already? You're welcome, Paul, the work you're doing is amazing and it deserve all the praise it gets.