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#3 Product of the DayMay 08, 2014
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Take charge and make decisions on the go for things like "where should we meet for happy hour"?
Build awesome polls with options from Yelp, iTunes, TripAdvisor, Rotten Tomatoes, and more. Share to your friends directly inside Twitter and Facebook. They don't need the app to answer!
@ConorSwanson Reminds me a lot of Loop and Voto. The design is even strikingly similar to Loop! How would you compare yourself to the two aforementioned friend polling services? Do your friends need to use this app to vote or does just the poll creator need to use the app?
@ffumarola 1) We're not just pictures and text. You can ask questions about Yelp Locations, iTunes Apps, TripAdvisor destinations, etc. 2) Your friends don't need the app to answer, which is awesome for leveraging existing networks 3) We've created a new user experience for polls in Twitter using Twitter Cards. Sharing polls into Twitter is a really cool experience
@ConorSwanson Oh, cool, the integrations sound like a really cool experience versus having to manually enter the options. Especially since people may not have any context around the options. Very good that only the poll creator needs to use the app. Do you have a linkable example to a Twitter poll?