Read and watch content that interests you and Thredd will find conversations between real-life people about your current page. See what these like-minded people are saying about the content you're reading and what other pages they recommend you visit.
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I made Thredd to connect people who share similar interests and concerns. My goal is to make using the Internet a more collaborative and productive experience. Try it out for yourself to see what groups you're already part of (but you just didn't know it yet)!
Hey @ronny_li, just curious but were you inquiring about making this earlier today on Reddit? If so, that was a super quick turnaround! Regardless, congrats on the launch ✨ Source:
@cedricamaya wow, that's quite a coincidence! It was not me but I'm glad to see others think the idea is a good one :) Thredd takes the idea one step further by using Reddit as the underlying infrastructure connecting like-minded people. This means you don't have to wait for Thredd to build up a large user base before it becomes useful; it already is! Hope you like it :)