Simple like texting. Organized like Slack.

A free messaging app that lets you create threads (~Slack channels) within chats, so things like sharing photos of someone special ๐Ÿ• ๐Ÿ‘ถ or planning a trip ๐Ÿ–๏ธ ๐Ÿ•๏ธ don't get lost in the chat history. Itโ€™s simple like texting and has the organization of Slack.
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Thanks @chrismessina for the hunt and hello PH! A few years back, I noticed that instead of just being a place for the everyday chitchat, text messaging was becoming the go-to place to talk about and share more important, fun and special parts of our lives with our closest friends and family. But the way text messaging works, these more important messages are jumbled together with the everyday chitchat making it practically impossible to keep track of anything. So, in search of a better and more meaningful way to message, I left my job as a corporate lawyer, and with the help of my technical team in Romania (salut!), we created thready. For the everyday chitchat, thready keeps things simple like texting: open the chat and send just like youโ€™re used to (no extra steps). For the more important things, create threads (like Slack channels) within the chat. Threads make it easy to keep track of what matters. Welcome any and all feedback on our approach, design, etc. and happy to answer any questions! Oh and weโ€™re only available in the App Store in the US and Canada right now. ๐Ÿ™, Sean
@chrismessina @croweschmo any plans on Android support and expanding internationally?
@irresistibl Definitely. Those are both an immediate focus for us.
Great idea, and your landing page value prop is super clear I got it right away. It's hard to convince me to leave my currently used messenger apps though for something I feel is more suited to a feature on messenger/whatsapp
@christopher_lee4 Thanks for the feedback! Totally understand that the switching cost is high and a barrier to adoption. I'll just say that threads have completely changed the way I stay connected with my closest friends and family. Threads have sort of become the highlights and quirks of our relationships and it's been pretty cool to see a thread develop and grow over time.
@croweschmo Makes sense, I'll give it a shot anyway and let you know what I think :) By the way seeing as you just launched I have a market research service where for $12 you can ask 100 people a question then follow-up based on how they answered and even interview them! You could ask e.g. "How often do you get bombarded with too many topics in a single whatsapp group chat?" to see how prevalent the problem is. Anyway If you want to give it a shot feel free to sign up and let me know which email you used over Intercom and I'll pass you $12 in free credits. Best of luck otherwise!
@christopher_lee4 Thanks! Sounds great - will check it out.

Great for group chats and documenting travels. Also, great way to track predictions made when watching the bachelor.


Great for recall of life events



Great idea, wish more chat apps had thread functionality but I'm glad to see one built specifically for it! Any plans on an Android version? Or a web portal?
@stekoshy Thanks Steve! Android and web are definitely top priorities for us.
Having been a none hi tech savvy and having been using this app for approximately one year. This app comes in as a handy and easy tool aiding to keep my life well organized. And a great reminder of my eventful life, too.
@victoria_lc Thanks for the feedback and being a beta tester! That's great to hear.