Troll your friends with fake, funny iMessage threads

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I half joke that if I had infinite time and money, I'd start an incubator for building prank products like this.
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@rrhoover Thanks for the love, Ryan. Even Kanye discovered Threads through Product Hunt:
@stflory haha, well played. Side note: I know not everyone's a Kim fan but I'm sure she's much smarter than she leads on in the media. 😊
"You already agreed to my raise. See?"
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This is genius and should probably be $3.99.
@paulgeller Good to get one data point on the willingness to pay 😬! We've got promo codes for Product Hunters--just shoot us an email at or tweet us @GetThreadsApp.
Thanks for the support, everyone! When I made threads with Jeremy, I had no idea that The Donald would be using it as a campaign tool 😳
@stflory While it's great that The Donald is a Threads fan, he's unfortunately made some changes to the organization.
Ha, nice niche product. I'm sure all the linkbait-list guys - Buzzfeeds, Mashable, Upworthy, Ladbible, 9GAG, etc - would be more than happy to pay for this. Estimated market size: prob not very big :)