The easiest way to read and create Twitter threads ✌

Threadia is a simple web application to help Twitter users read and create threads easily. It makes it fun and enjoyable to read threads, automatically transforms texts into threads and share them.
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Hi Product Hunters, I'm Onur 👋 First of all, thank you for hunting us @gorkemcetin. We all love Twitter Threads 😊 But as the length of the thread increases, it's really hard to follow. Also, it is really painful to break up the sentences in a meaningful way, since we need to comply with the 280 character limit when creating threads. I am excited to introduce Threadia, where you can easily do everything related to the threads in one place. 🎉 Threadia allows you to easily read and create Twitter threads. It transforms any threads into a readable text or automatically creates threads from your text and shares them if you want. It also offers users easy-to-use alternatives with the Chrome extension and Twitter bot. It is very simple to use and you don't have to sign in to try it. Some exciting features we will be adding soon ⚡️ - Save and share threads you read and like. - Save the threads you create as a draft and schedule them for sharing. - Use hashtags we recommend based on the subject of your texts. - Share the summary of your articles as a thread. We welcome your questions and feedback. ✌
I like the product because I read threads most of my time at twitter. So this product helped me read all of those at once and i can create my own threads like nothing loved it 👍
@veniviciteapot Thank you very much, we are very happy for your lovely feelings. 😊
Looks really simple. Maybe chrome extension which will open link directly can be super useful!
@ferid_movsumov Thank you very much for your feedback. Our Chrome extension works just the way you want it 🙂
I liked the idea of this product. It can save you from lots of time when you are reading the long, endless Twitter threads. Also it's a great future too, making threads without interruptions. I'm looking forward for new updates and features. Congrats! 👏
@irem_sendur Thank you for your feedback and thank you for emphasizing the importance of "time" ! 🙂🙂
What a great idea. Will try it out. Congrats 🎉
@burcin_akalin Thank you! We are so happy 🙂