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Hi everyone! First thanks a lot to @chrismessina for the hunt. Threads are more and more popular, and with Twitter recent efforts to highlight them people are starting to get used to it. They bring value and generate engagement. You can find such great stories and amazing pieces of knowledge. Still, good ones can be hard to find. That was the first idea of Threader: find the best ones gathered at one place. We were also annoyed not to be able to get back to a specific one. The like, previously fav, did not seemed appropriate. The bookmark feature lets you save your favorite threads to (re)read them later. Finally, we figured this could be so nice to be able to open and bookmark a thread from Twitter. Our extension allows you to do that without leaving the app. Anyway, weโ€™d love to hear your thoughts about it. Ask your questions, weโ€™ll be pleased to answer.
Hey, great stuff! Some feedback: - It would be nice to save a thread without logging in (local database?). - Ideally I would prefer to give only read permissions when logging with Twitter. Might be tricky but it actually made me skip the signup. - I'd suggest using the common iOS back button (top left <, see screenshot). - It would be nice to have a share button at the top (see screenshot). Screenshot:
@shakedko Hey Shaked, thanks a lot for this feedback! The bookmark functionality is only available for logged users on purpose. The goal is to make people sign up ๐Ÿ˜‰ About the read only suggestion youโ€™re right, but for UX reason we want to make people interact with their Twitter account without leaving Threader. Would you prefer not be able to share and follow from the app? Noted your suggest for the common iOS back button. I really like the idea of the share button! I think itโ€™s something we could integrate very soon.
@yesnoornext It might be nice to interact with Twitter on demand, which is not possible via their API. That's why I'd prefer to jump to the app and come back if need but I understand it's not the best UX out there

Easy to use and smart client for twitter. I like the fact that everything is at the same place.


Full thread in one place


Not applicable

Thanks Alex! ๐Ÿ˜
Great app Easy to use
Really like the app. The categories are nice and itโ€™s super easy to use. Do you have a personalized section so I can see threads from people I follow on Twitter?
@alecjaffe thanks Alec! We donโ€™t (for now) but itโ€™s a good idea. We wanted to launch a โ€˜basicโ€™ product at first but we definitively want to add that kind of functionality.