Discover and submit interesting Twitter threads

ThreadCache allows you to discover interesting twitter threads on any topic. With the search functionality you can filter down to just threads you want to read on a specific subject area.
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I was constantly thinking when is this ready to ship. But then I have now decided to just release and get some feedback from the great ProductHunt community. So please feel free to send me any feedback as well as submit any interesting twitter threads you find. P.S. This is my first submission, and I have 2 other products ready to go too :) So go easy.
Cool stuff Philip, spotted some good threads. Do you curate the threads? Would make the categories more visible, similar to how its on twitter's explore page
@nikosmela Thanks! Yeah I mostly curate it by myself which is hard as it is. Takes some time. But people can submit threads and I will approve them if they are actually valid threads and not spam :) But yeah good idea, maybe i can make the categories into more of tags/buttons to click instead of hidden behind a dropdown.
@strangequirks yeah exactly. And if it's not too complex you could build in a feature like the Threader reader where if you @ them on twitter it automatically submits the thread in their site.