Thread Reader

A bot 🤖 that unrolls Twitter 🐣 threads for you 🤓

Thread Reader is service that helps you unroll a full Twitter thread onto a dedicated beautifully designed page to allow an easy read of the whole story. You can go to the main web site and enter the Tweet URL or even better, only reply to that Tweet by mentioning @tttthreads + the unroll keyword 🤖

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Hey Product Hunters, I made this new service called Tttthreads (3T + Threads). Here's the problem I had (and you have) and the solution I thought of: 🆘 Problem: The problem is that often when I'm on Twitter I come across these long threads where people have wayyyy much to say than 140. So they start a threads and reply to reply to them self. Other adds responses as well and it get messy real quick. ✅ Solution: What do I want? A single page, style, with all the text and no bloating interface coming on the way. So I made that bot 🤖 @tttthreads and you only have to mention it with the "unroll" keyword by replying to the first tweet of the thread and it will give you the link to the unrolled version in a minute 🕑 Also, that's my first product here on PH so I'm quite excited about it! Do not hesitate to give me any kind of feedback, spelling mistakes too 🙏
Off course the bot has been blocked by Twitter, but I had planned that ahead with a backup App, but still... Twitter is not a developer friendly platform anymore, I know I may be at the limit in term of Twitter TOS but I'm not a typical spam bot... 😇

tx lots for your creation





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I love your product since the beginning even if I don't use it so often! Can't wait to see what other people think about :)

Please burn thread reader in a fire.




It's annoying as fuck, and pollutes every twitter thread.