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Thread is an app for group chats and stories that finds you great content & helps creators get paid. Explore and share curated news, headlines, & high-quality recommendations – or subscribe to hundreds of topics and sources. Built for people, not advertisers.
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Hey Product Hunt community, I'm Nick, founder of Thread, and I'm thrilled to launch our public beta here! Thread is an app for group chats and stories that helps you find great content. There are no ads, no public reply threads, no follower or like counts, and no bots. Just share links, gifs, photos, and more with friends and groups – or post to your story, where replies are private and posts expire whenever you want. You can also explore curated news, headlines, and recommended content, or subscribe to hundreds of topics and sources. We only surface content we can vouch for, so your time is always well spent. Why did we make Thread? We believe social networks have failed us in three key ways: 1. They make conversations worse by incentivizing toxic behavior 2. They aren't accountable for the content they spread 3. They don't compensate the creators that make them destinations in the first place We're building Thread to give people another option. We're working directly with journalists and content creators to build a sustainable and fair business model for online content. For users, it'll be a way to get exclusive, premium content from your favorite pundits, artists, creatives, and influencers. For creators, it'll be a way to monetize your audience and build stable, predictable, recurring income. If that sounds like something you're interested in, drop me a line. We love feedback and we'll be on here all day so let us know what you think, and thanks for checking us out!
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Are there plans for an Android version of the app as well?
@patrick_mccoy_p0ffee_ We're working on it – we'll be releasing an Android private beta in the next few weeks, message me if you're interested in joining!