Share your thoughts anonymously

Thoughty allows you to share your thoughts anonymously with people all around the world through this app.
Share Your Thoughts within the following categories:
-Random Thoughts
-Motivational Thoughts
-Shower Thoughts
-Love Thoughts
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@sunveersingh This is a really cool idea. What inspired you to make this?
@jakecrump Thank You! Here are few reasons: 1. Some people are shy and wish to share there thoughts with other people, but they don't want to reveal themselves. So I built Thoughty. 2. Some people judge your thoughts and spread hate, so to reduce this negativity I built Thoughty. 3. People start fighting, as this app is completely anonymous, no one will know who shared this thought and there will be no fights. So I built Thoughty. 4. To have all the Inspirational things at once place, that is, Poems, Shower Thoughts, Motivational, Quotes, Love Thoughts and our Random Thoughts. So I built Thoughty. Thank You!
Interesting idea. One quick feedback, I think the color scheme, at least on the photos on PH is unfortunate. Difficult to read and get a one glance idea. I'll install the app and give it a go