An easy way to share your thoughts and feelings with friends

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Hi everyone! I’m Diogo, founder and designer of the Thoughts feels good App. It’s a free App that lets people share their thoughts and feelings with friends instantly, without having to make a call, send a text message or write a single word. Long story short, one day I woke up and had this realization that it should be possible to let our friends know we are thinking about them on that precise moment, but without having to actually engage on a conversation. I had just lived 3 personal experiences that had the same problem, I wanted to say something to people but didn’t find the right words, or there wasn't much to say, or just didn't have time to write a text, I just wanted those friends to know how much I was thinking about them, I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with them on that moment, period! How often do we find ourselves in these situations? So, after a period of searching and studying what was available out there for this kind of communication, and after speaking about this with a lot of people from all types of backgrounds, I realized there was a potential market for this, after all there were already some solutions for this problem, but none seemed to do the thing just right, some were very intrusive, others were emotionless, others weren’t fun to use or had a poor UI/UX, and some had all the previous problems. What’s different on our App is that it was specifically designed to do this task only, to share our thoughts and feelings, and to do it in a very simple, fast, intuitive, and fun way! A lot of time and energy was put on the UI and UX. So, how does it work? This App is basically a contact list were we see our friends photos, every time you want to send a Thought to someone you just have to tap that friend’s photo, the emojis Dial will appear around your friend, these emojis are animated and were specifically designed for this app, than all you have to do is tap on a emoji or tap on your friend’s photo (if you want to send a Thought without a specific emotion), and that’s it, 2 taps only. Your friend will receive a push notification saying “Someone is thinking about you!” and when he opens the App your photo will appear with the time when it was sent + emoji, quite simple! Taping on the received emoji will show its animation, full screen. One more thing, there is a little game going on as well, you start with a set of 11 emojis, every time you pass a level you get a new emoji, and there are some hidden emojis ready to be discovered  (easter eggs anyone?) Hope you guys enjoy it and would love to hear your Thoughts on this project! Diogo Melo Founder and Designer (App available for iOS and Android) (don't know why promo video isn't playing but here's the link
I met Diogo via a friend from Lisbon and his passion for his product made me want to hunt it. I could definitely see this app triumph between the hands of the Generation Z who thinks Facebook is for old people.
@pierrebecerril Thanks Pierre for hunting us!!! You are really a cool guy ;)
It's a clever idea, and a nice-looking app. And I realize you can send, by external app (such as SMS) a "thought" to those without this app. But that process is cumbersome and, frankly, unattractive, as it pastes a super-long URL into a message to send. I see the only way this can be useful is to if I convince everyone I know to download yet another super-specific communication app.
Hi @zefareu , thanks for your comments :) Yes, you can send Thoughts to people without this app (via SMS, email, FB, Whatsapp, or any other communication medium where you can paste the URL), I understand your point on this being unattractive, that's actually something we really want to improve on! About it being another super-specific communication app, I have to agree with you again, it was designed to do only one thing, and to do it like no other can do, the only thing I see differently is the number of people using it being the #1 factor for it's success and usefulness, I'm saying this because there are many users already using it to send Thoughts mainly to their loved ones (between couples) and not to their entire contact list. But yeah, it was designed to serve a broader audience, friends, singles, couples, daughters, sons, moms, dads and do on.
Hi @elizabethhunker, thanks for visiting us! Yes, Yo was one of the Apps we looked into of course, as well as the Tap function of the Apple Watch, among other apps, and although the concept is basically the same, the solution we developed is quite different from the others as you can see! :) We think that this problem is very real, and the fact that Yo went very far proves it, and having Apple also trying to solve this with the Apple watch Tap is just another sign that this should be worked out! With Thoughts we wanted to develop something new, using a different approach on how to tackle this problem!