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Interesting tools, I'm sure it'll find it's audience.
This seems like a great app for visual thinkers -- is that the audience you're going for? I'm one myself so I get the use case, but think you should hire a professional copy writer to help you explain and better express your value props & product. As a visual thinker it's hard to find a good digital tool that can actually replace your notepad, whiteboard, mega post-its and stacks of markets/pins. Word/Google docs dont cut it nor do creative/design focused tools which are like you said distracting w/ all the features. Seems like you tried to create something to solve this. If you're going to stay at a $20 price point would invest in hiring a talented copy writer to help you refine your messaging. Not there yet but the product looks cool.
@jadenyc thanks for your suggestions. I'm not sure that we're aiming exactly to the visual thinkers market, but probably it's the closest thing to the use case that we have on mind. Not having that market-fit completely clear is what drove us to have a proposition based on features and not on actual experiences or storytelling. In other words, we preferred to be a bit too dull or techies speaking about vectors and infinite canvas in a completely facts-based and honest way instead of falling in the realm of bullshitting (ideas generation, creativity, latte over a wooden table, etc.). Now that we're having real customers maybe we can revisit that. About copywriting, 100% agree, as you can easily see none of us are native English speakers (¡hola!). We are aware, that's a handicap. But, at the same time, we think that there's some value on speaking to the potential customers with the same voice that we're answering the customer support emails (or this very comment). We're learning by doing too. Anyway, thanks again, definitely food for Thoughts (worst pun ever).
It took me a while to figure out what this app did - perhaps a thought for the copy of the website
@samcambridge totally agree, we struggled a bit trying to explain the app. It's rather easy to start bullshitting when you talk about ideas and maybe because of that we're not making our point clear enough. We'll try to improve it :)
Looks lovely. Well made and simple. I'd be dropping that price point a little though guys.
@craigjbarber right now we're giving it away for free, in case you are interested. Cheers.
Congrats on the launch! :)