ThoughtPad 2.0

An online autosaving notepad + Chrome plugin

An updated version of ThoughtPad, an app that automatically & quickly saves anything you type on your screen into your browser.

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Hello PH Community Its been a while since I posted ThoughtPad on PH. Since then I've made a few changes. This is the version 2.0 which has some new features like 'Download as TXT file' & 'Email' to enhance sharing of what you type into your ThoughtPad. I have done some improvements with the design/interface as well. Also introducing ThoughtPad Chrome extension that puts ThoughtPad in your New Tab. Let me know you think about it. Thanks
@kingdomof_s getting 'invalid manifest' when I try to install the chrome extension
@stoweboyd I sincerely apologize for the trouble. I discovered a minor glitch in the manifest file of the extension. Have fixed it now. Please try reinstalling/downloading, it should work(updated version 1.0.2). If not, please let me know. Thanks for bringing it to my notice.