Thoughtful messages delivered to your loved ones every week

ThoughtfulSMS is a simple gifting service. Simply pop in the phone number of a friend or loved one and we'll send them a lovely text message once per week for a year!

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Hello lovely people!!! I'm back again this time with ThoughfulSMS ❤ I built this project in 24 hours as part of @thepatwalls's #24hrstartup challenge! It was a lot of fun to build and I hope to be sending out lots of positive messages over the next year! I originally wanted to build a "SMS Reminders" app. But when I did a search there were already hundreds of those. I told my partner Cara about the idea and she suggested that I build a service that allows people to send nice messages to their loved one. And so ThoughtfulSMS was born. The app currently has 4 collections to pick from: 😍Love - Perfect for those people you just cant live without 💪Motivation - For the people that love to get up early and kiss-ass ⬆️Uplifting - Leaves everyone feeling great about life 🎁Affirmation - Perfect for those that need a confidence boost I've also got a lot of other collections in the pipeline! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below! 🚀 🚀
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If you're too busy & want to keep in touch with your loved ones, use ThoughtFul SMS. Love this idea, Alex ❤️
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Looks great! Looking forward to signing a few people up for Christmas
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@joe_simmons Yes! It's the perfect Christmas gift 🎅
This is a lovely idea! I built this ages ago as a business school project but we sent images, physical boxes, sweets, as a recurring service: the name was memori -can I watch how you built this in the code challenge :P ?
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@danirogerc Hi Daniel! Wow nice hah! Yeah there is a stream video here: I don't think it's that interesting but all the code is there haha!
@remotealex I'm currently learning to code so everything is helpful, starting with html, css and javascript :D, doing a 'bootcamp' by colt steele @udemy
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@danirogerc Awesome! Let me know if you need any help fixing bugs etc. My Twitter DMs are open :)
@remotealex I'm following this article, what do you think of it and how many years have you been coding?
@danirogerc Wow looks like a great article! I forgot how much there is too learn haha! I started building basic HTML websites around 10 years ago :)