Express yourself beyond 140 characters

Hey guys! Sergey from Thgt is here. I've created this little app to post stuff on Twitter when 140 characters is not enough and if that sounds like a yet another tweetlonger app, I believe there is a bigger potential in it. I think ideas and thoughts that are born in our minds have an impulsive nature and a tool that helps sharing them right away will be useful, because traditional blogging in my opinion is failing this case. Blogpost as a medium requires putting a lot of work in raw material before it becomes worth reading and sharing — you can't just drop a few lines of text and call it a post. It is a legacy of times when we had to sit down for a few hours (sometimes days) in front of a desktop computer to produce or consume something on the web and this setting dictated the way blogging tools still look and feel today, yet times are changing and a new behavior emerges, a fast and easy writing on the go. I think mobile blogging will probably excel on it, but it's unclear what it will look like. Probably it will be radically different from what we have today and with Thought I'm trying to figure it out, so this is just a first step. I would really appreciate any type of feedback from the community and will happy to answer any question! Thank you! @erictwillis , thank you so much for featuring the app here.
@fayfers woah, we we're hacking something like this together a year ago with almost the exact same philosophy! Cool to see someone else pushed through to launch it. If you're interested, I still own the awesome domain which we claimed for our project.
Anyone else having trouble signing in with Twitter?
@xoalexo Hi Alex, do you have multiple Twitter accounts active on your phone?
@fayfers Hey, yah! I signed in with a different one and then switched back to my main one and it's working now.