Thor ET-One

Fully electric. Fully capable at 80,000 pounds.

We are a Los Angeles-based Transportation Lab creating and deploying solutions to fleet owners.

Meet ET-One.

The all electric Class 8 tractor with 80,000 pound carrying capacity. Built for fleets by fleet operators.

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Don't know much about it, but the name Thor Trucks is a pretty kickass imo
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One thing that stands out is the poor positioning of the LCD screen. Driver will always be glancing down... The Tesla Truck positions it better. Also no front bumper, all form over function.
@androidlove I agree about the display, no ergonomics at all.. There might be a bumper behind the grill/facia
I saw this pulling a trailer near the arts district! Awesome first product, excited to see what they do next. Better watch out Elon!
Looks awesome. So tired of today's vanilla mostly homogeneous car shapes. Anything that looks different on wheels I like. Also, can we discuss how rad that even semi-trucks are now being looked at with 'product' eyes, and ending up here on PH. Love it. Design everything!
This is impressive. I wonder how it stacks up against Tesla's truck? Congrats to the team!
@walsh_ldn I hope the developers will soon join, and give answers to all questions.
@walsh_ldn @cosnes Do you know anyone of them? You can list them as makers, it'd be really helpful :D I'm curious too :)