Wikipedia of physical things

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Hello hunters, I'm Dima Dewinn, co-founder of Thngs, a place for every thing, as we call it, where any thing can be easily found, reviewed, collected, even re-created. Thanks for your up votes! If you have any questions or comments, I kindly ask you to share them with me. I am thrilled to tell you more about Thngs. We are surrounded by things. Each thing is a source of objective information, information about our past, present, and even future. Things are the physical memory of humankind. But things break, get damaged, and disappear over time. The physical preservation of all things is not possible, but we can preserve information that things contain. Saving information about thing, we save the thing itself. For this purpose we made Thngs.
@dimadewinn Looks beautiful. Signed up for the beta. Looking forward and good luck.
@darshu thanks, Daria! We will send invites in nearest weeks.
@dimadewinn I love *why* you're doing this. I wish you the best of luck in making this vision come true. My favorite hunt in a long time.
Some of the things have 360 views, like this one —
@dimadewinn Great product! BTW, having mobile app would be a great benefit. Voting mechanism like the one on PH would also give some more engagement and fun.
@alexbabin Thanks for hunting us, Alex! This the very first Alpha, but we have lots of work ahead.
@dimadewinn You're welcome! Happy that Thngs made it to front page
In nearest future anyone can add and edit data about things, including files and videos. If any collectors, producers, or enthusiasts want an early bird invite, let me know, please.
@dimadewinn hey I would love one!
@elirousso sure, shoot me an email at please
@dimadewinn Just signed up for the beta on your website but I'll ping you on email as well :)
In case you wondered how iPhones start, it is just a touchscreen duct taped to a motherboard. Nothing special —