Thistle is a subscription meal company dedicated to providing access to healthy meals

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Hi Lovely Product Hunt Family! We started Thistle because as busy people, we were always choosing convenience over health, and wanted to help people live healthier lives while still being convenient. We make it super duper easy to be healthy by stocking your fridge with delicious, healthy, and inventive organic MEALS. Instead of giving you ingredients to cook, we give you a full meal in a box, that is already in your fridge. I absolutely love the "set it and forget it" nature. Food just shows up and when I'm hungry I go to the fridge and something wonderful awaits. We offer convenient Vegan and Non-Vegetarian plans, and our customers LOVE us ( We look forward to helping you eat healthy and delicious! We deliver through most of the Bay Area. Thanks for checking us out - please ask any questions, we're happy to answer. PS: Use code CLEANEATS for $10 off your first order!
Can't wait until you come to Boston!
@pitdesi love the avoidance of food wastage! John Oliver would agree with you ;)
@nadavweinberg @pitdesi Thanks for the kind words! Food waste was an issue high on our list in deciding to pivot. Depending on the source or study, in the US we throw away roughly 30-40% of our usable food supply each year! Because our subscription model requires customers to place their weekly order prior to our food being produced, we are able to virtually eliminate excess food waste. Additionally, we are able to create meals that are higher quality and more customizable (e.g. we can accommodate most allergens). We deliver these in re-useable thermal bags which we collect back from customers. To take things further, in order to minimize food waste that is a by-product of our production (organic high quality compost), we work to donate this byproduct to local farms in order for them to use it as compost or feed. We reduce our environmental footprint while providing a service to local producers who in turn can continue to thrive. Finally, people always ask whether it’s cheaper to make the meals themselves by buying the ingredients on their own (we price our meals as low as $10 without a delivery fee). Because we are able to buy high quality ingredients in bulk, we are able to provide you a meal that is often less expensive than if you were to purchase the same ingredients yourself. Even if it is cheaper to make a meal yourself, many people end up throwing away a lot of the leftover ingredients, resulting in increased costs and a greater environmental impact.
@jakewillsmith Hi Jake - I'm Shiri, one of the founders. I'm from Boston so can't wait til we get there either! It'll be a great market - we'll keep you posted! :)
Bravo guys! I have consumed these meals many times and they are excellent!
Saw quite a few concepts of food delivery services. The bottleneck seems to be the behavior of the customer who is not eating on a consistent basis (time, location, etc.). Additionally, often not the food is causing health problems, but the way they eat and when. How do you plan to tackle this?
@awchristoph Great question. Our service is actually incredibly convenient for customers that may not know where or when they can eat during the day. We deliver all of your meals for the day in the early morning (as early as 6am) and all you need to do is refrigerate, grab before you leave for the day using our thermal bag and eat when it works for you. It's a bit like having an incredibly healthy and delicious meal "packed" for you. :) People are often inconsistent in their eating behavior because of how busy they can get during the day. This means that a lot of folks grab a convenient and often unhealthy option (e.g. fast food, bag of chips) or skip meals altogether. By having our meals by your side, you are able to actually eat a chef-prepared + nutritionist designed meal when it suits your schedule. :)
How do you handle the actual delivery? If most of your deliveries are at 6am, what happens at apartments or situations where the person isn't at home?
@irawilley @awchristoph We actually have two delivery windows at the moment: 6-8a and 8a-10a. We give delivery notifications so that you know exactly when your order is arriving and when it is actually delivered. We also deliver everything in a thermal bag with ice packs designed to keep meals safe and fresh for hours so many folks have us leave with a concierge / doorman or in a safe place (e.g. porch or outside their door) and grab when they can.
I've been a customer / subscriber of Gousto here in the UK for a year now. They are very, very good and as far as I know dominate the UK market. A big selling point for me is they promote use of Organic ingredients. Given how health conscious the kind of people who would consider this service is, that should be a big focus imo.
Really liked the format of the site! Looks 'Unfairly delicious' :) Added to my collection of Subscription Based Products
@navinkulkarni Hi Navin - We think it's 'unfairly delicious' as well. :) I'm Ash and i'm the CEO of Thistle and i'm happy to answer any questions you have. We're really excited about our new platform and think it's an awesome way for people to put their nutrition on auto-pilot. We would love any feedback from the Product Hunt community on how we can make eating healthy / organic / delicious food even more convenient.