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ThisThat's goal is to be the fastest and most trusted way to make decisions and get answers to questions.
Our vision is to eventually connect individuals and brands in a meaningful way - so that your opinion really matters.
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Good UI/UX!


It's a great service, answers daily questions.. and it's fun.


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Fab👏u👏lous👏 design.
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@elizabethhunker Thankyou so much! We're really proud of our branding and UI so glad you think so :)

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Amazing product with increadible UI. It’s a delight to use the product. Very addictive, highly recommend to try it out!


More countries!

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Hello, congrats on your launch! I don't have any IOS device so I couldn't test your app but I'm curious. How are selected the questions that come to my feed? Is it based on some of my groups/interests maybe? And how many options can I create for a poll?
@lucas_p Hi Lucas! Thanks for the message. All polls are binary, to keep the voting process fast and engaging. Down the line we'll implement a ranking system that will let you compare multiple options. In terms of what you see - 'Discover' shows you polls from the public in general. You can choose what countries you want to see polls from, and we're implementing categories right now, so you can select interest. 'Following' lets you see polls from your friends and people you've decided to follow! We'll be coming to android soon!
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Looks like a fun app. Can't wait to try it in Q4. How many responses are you seeing on average per post at the moment?
@pachanas Thank you very much! Prior to recent backend migration we were looking at 90-110 responses on average per poll. Those responses would be within the first day of posting. During migration we removed notifications etc, leading to reduced DAUs. Now on 'relaunch' we're bringing those users back and marketing to more. Right now average response for a post is back up to 40-50 votes, rising daily. We expect to again surpass the 100 mark within the next 14 days. What we've noticed from user surveying is most people actually only need about 20 responses to make a decision - so we're focusing on ensuring every poll gets those answers as fast as possible - or trusted answers from experts & groups.
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