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Hi Product Hunt! As makers, we made thisopenspace to solve a problem we had: why is it so difficult to find short-term commercial space? Why don't business' share their space with other brands? thisopenspace is our solution to make commercial spaces accessible. Brands searching for space connect directly with hosts, find undiscovered spaces, and bring their community together. People with space open their doors and host events - growing their business with additional income and reaching new audiences. We'd love your feedback on things that stand out and what we could improve. Ask us anything! Our team is on hand and checking comments throughout the day. PS. We're giving away $50 on sign up to the Product Hunt community.
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The need for a service like this is pretty spot on in just about every size market - I live in Kansas City and cool spaces are popping up everywhere but there's no marketplace to match cool spaces with the cool things people are doing - this looks like a great service for just that.
@ducttape thanks for the feedback John. We've got some cool spots listed from Kansas City including a brewery and a coffee roaster. More to come!
@ducttape Thanks, John! There's also a new co-working spot in the Crossroads that we're adding to our Kansas City roster soon. Stay tuned! 😊
Great idea, and I've seen it working in Vancouver in the last 12 months. Turned lots of unused space into great small pop-up stores!
@aymancork Ah - yeah! Thanks so much for the encouragement, Ayman!
@aymancork Thanks Ayman! The Vancouver community continues to be very supportive.
I have used this. It works just like it should and helps when your team wants to think outside of the box about the branded experiences.
@jamesbasnett We love to hear that!! Thanks for sharing, James :)
@jamesbasnett Thanks for the feedback James. It's always great to hear from our users!
Space is becoming harder to come by in Vancouver and prices continue to climb. This is an important product that solves the problem for those seeking short-term commercial rentals. Unique spaces too! Highly recommended.
@samryanelgar Wow, thanks so much for the encouragement, Sam!!
@samryanelgar Thanks for the kind words Sam! We're doing our best and if you see any way for us to improve we'd love to hear it.