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Last week, @startupljackson's identity was revealed in a profile by @ellenhuet and @BradStone. Eager to listen to this interview with @pt (aka, SLJ) and @jason. @eriktorenberg and I recorded a podcast with him (I can now safely say "him" 😊) almost a year ago here. Here's the video version:
@rrhoover @eriktorenberg you guys got me on two PH podcasts. Marvin and I did one on 500 startups accelerator stuff. I always found it hilarious that you guys had listeners who had probably heard both of those, but didn't put 2+2 together.
@pt congrats on a good run. Disappointed it stopped and also that my theory of Ronco being SLJ has been disproven.
@pt I also agree with @jason that you shouldn't let a talent go to waste and at bare minimum give all those non-Twitter users a bit of the love much of us started getting used to daily!
Loved it. Mostly the second half, about Angel.co, angel funding and investing in general. Highly recommended. Really seemed like an epilogue to or continuation of @jason's interview recently on Angel Radio, or at least the inversion of it. Either way, great to hear from both sides/players in that ecosystem. I've really learned a TON about angel funding and investing from these two podcasts, and owe both @jason, @pt and @StartupLJackson a debt of gratitude or at least some tuition. :) Also great to hear a less "lip service-y" conversation of diversity in tech. Many logical fallacies were debunked without even a hint of identity politics mixed in. Very objective and scientific. Heck, even I'm less cynical this evening. If you follow along long and well enough to all these great thinkers/doers, these topics start to seem like an ongoing conversation and the best part is we can all be a part of it.