This Week in Startups - Ep 603 with Chris Sacca

Chris and Jason talk Shark Tank, Twitter, and politics

#3 Product of the DayDecember 12, 2015
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Nice to see @sacca back on TWiST. One of my favorite episodes of the 600+ @Jason's recorded, is #291 with Chris from 2012.
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@rrhoover totally agree, the @sacca episodes were my favorite too!
From the episode description: "Legendary angel investor and "Shark Tank" star Chris Sacca returns to TWiST! Chris and Jason sit down to discuss everything from investing in relationships to Jack Dorsey as Twitter's CEO (now and early on). He talks about what he looks for in an investment, how he met Matt Mazzeo, those early years with Twitter and selling people on the business, and how his dream job involved "a lot of being on the phone, a lot of yelling at people... high risk, high reward." Chris shares his experiences on "Shark Tank," how fun it is to bust the chops (he uses a different term...) of Mark Cuban and Kevin O'Leary, and how TV could be part of the next chapter of Chris' life. Chris also listens to pitches from three companies that came out of Jason's LAUNCH Incubator - Requested, LeadIQ and Benchmade Modern - offering feedback to each of the three founders about their businesses and how to move forward."
@nivo0o0 have you listened to this episode yet? I know Sacca is one of your faves, I'd love to hear your thoughts :)
@katesegrin @nivo0o0 He's one of most peoples favs :)
I love this episode! Great insights about Twitter and many other things. Also the pitches were great! :)
Chris is always so entertaining. So bold, so sharp. "Goes deep"
Sacca's always fun. I wish the pitches hadn't been from the Launch incubator. Made it a bit too self-promotional. They also went on too long, though it's interesting to hear Sacca question an entrepreneur (though you can also get that on Startup). The furniture one is the only one that has real potential, but then I guess that's like Shark Tank where maybe one pitch a show is actually a good idea that you can see scaling.
@davidlidsky can't blame Jason for the hustle πŸ˜„