This Week In Startups #685: Shots CEO, John Shahidi

John Shahidi on evolving Shots from a selfie app to content

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Wow. "Less than 9% of all @Shots users watch television, over 60% watch YouTube." says @John
Just finished listening. Thanks for the Product Hunt shout out at the 1:05:05 mark, @john. 🙏🏼 Interesting to see how Shots has evolved as a company as they've shifted from app-building to more of a content play. Crazy they're getting 1.8m views/day across their early network already.
Great timing, I tweeted this tweet yesterday about their rebrand. :D So this episode will be perfect to learn more about Shots. 👍 After seeing Shots Studios in the latest Blink 182, and seeing Lele Pons with DJ Marshmello yesterday, I am sure @shots Studios are just getting started 👏