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Again, I had a great time on the show with @Jason and my friend (and fellow #millennial), @carmeldea. We chatted about ad blockers, UberEvents/UberCommute, Facebook Notes, the new Apple phones, and Jason tested how millennial we are. I'm curious to hear more peoples' thoughts on the ad blocking debate. Is it ethical? What's Apple's real intent by enabling these services (Jason has some interesting thoughts on this)? P.S. here's the video version if preferred.
@rrhoover @Jason This was a great talk; so many good points discussed it's difficult to choose any one or two that were the "main" ones. I'm similarly curious about the ad blocking question, though I'm interested to hear more opinions on it before I make up my mind yet. I will say though, that I thought the discussion on founder drive (re: Jason's previous blog post last week) fit in quite well with the talking point on conferences. Spending thousands of dollars that you don't have (at least in the beginning) seems to me to be the definition of the "you don't have it" mentality that Jason was referencing; if you have low funds, they should reserved for any sort of runway they can give you. Conferences come and go, and there will always be another; the leader mentality in my opinion is balancing the "glamorous" thing to do (go to tech conferences) with the more rational thing to do (stay home, work, and use that money to get your team to the next milestone).
Finally another News Roundtable episode. A lot of great interview episodes recently, but these episodes need to be more frequent.
@rrhoover That, actually, was one funny episode. LOL when Ryan got asked about watching Girls series. In general, pretty good talks about diversity and sexism issues.