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Real learning, no script BS w/ Jason Calacanis

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I’m a super fan (as @Jason would describe me) since the beginning of the show. Seriously, I think I’ve seen almost every episode since he started ~4 years ago. Recently I had the honor of joining the show to chat about Product Hunt (this was during YC) and later me and @rsarver went on a roundtable episode.
@rrhoover @Jason one of my favorite weekly podcasts. If you still haven't heard the episode with @sacca, go watch/listen:
@rsarver @rrhoover @Jason @sacca you were both awesome guests!
@rrhoover thanks pal
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@alexisohanian this is terrific.
Part of my regular diet of educational and inspiring content. I regard Jason and his guests my virtual mentors, and I really think TWIST has been a real influence to my life and pursuits. Plus, it's where I heard of @rrhoover and @producthunt.
@Jason is a great host that digs deeper if necessary and also calls people out on their BS. My absolute favourite episodes were: Jerry Colonna (Coach, Former VC/partner of Fred Wilson)
This interview turned into an unexpected counseling session were both opened up about their past and struggles. Austen Heinz (of Cambrian Genomics)
(Part I)
(Part II) I have not heard a better and more realistic glimpse of what the future could look like. Jason also does a great job asking enough follow up questions so that someone with no background in bioengineering can understand what Heinz is talking about. Jason Q&A w/ Singularity University Students
The table is turned and Jason answers questions from students of Singularity University. Especially the last twenty minutes are very insightful. ...and the two guests to rule them all: @sacca and @dhh. Take a look at all of their episodes!
@the_dom @Jason @sacca @dhh you are a true superfan dominik! -- a fan can tell you the their favorite episode, but a super fan can explain their top five and their rationale for their ranking! xoxo j
I'm the host of @twistartups -- AMA!
@jason @twistartups who are top 5 people you'd love to interview most on the program?
@jason @twistartups It's time to get @garyvee back on the show! Time is running out according to your prediction: "He's only going to be putting out this amount content for a year."
@jason @twistartups Hey Jason just want to jump in and say I'm huge fan and i appreciate how much you do for the community. Like Launch festival and Twist . I really appreciate that you give more than you take!