This War of Mine

Survive as a group of civilians during a time of war

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This game hooked me when I realized I didn't have enough food to feed all three of my survivors... and one of them was seriously injured, sick, and not getting better. I had the choice to keep feeding him food and medicine, and risk him dying anyways, or let him starve, saving the supplies for the healthy survivors.
While this game came out last November, I just found out about it a few days ago and it's already one of my favorite computer games that I've ever played. Each play through is different, with changing situations and scenery. Different characters require different strategies as they all react differently to the conflict at hand as well as the aftermath. This is a strategy game that requires constant thinking and planning as everything can go from good/livable to the end in a matter of one (gameplay) night.
Can't recommend this game enough. Never would have thought a "war time simulator" for survivors and refugees of war would be so engrossing. Love how every choice you make impacts your characters emotions. Really stunning production all round.
This just got updated with an iPad and Android version. Pretty terrific!