This project is based on modified version of TextGenRNN, which is a module on top of Keras/TensorFlow for creating char-recurrent neural networks. The model is trained on scraped information from various public resources/job boards.
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This meme continues. LOL. Where are you sourcing content from originally, @viktorkirilov?
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@rrhoover Sometimes the results are ridiculous :D 90% of the data (a few thousand resumes) came from Indeed's API. I've also scraped 1-2k Twitter bio's to make summaries funnier. Also dug into some job offers and parsed the questions that have achievements like "Increased X by Y%". The contact information is just the person's name appended to list of social networks. Some people even said that they emailed the "person" from the resumes to ask them questions, guess I should have made that more clear :D
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Hey PH, Viktor from the Enhancv team here! Thanks Aaron for the feedback and @jakecrump for hunting on PH. We take pride in being one of the best resume building platforms. To show how powerful the platform is, we quickly built this AI resume generator during our spare time. Now, not only you can see what your resume could look alike, but also edit it and use a template as your own. Pro tip: You can also generate URLs to store resumes, keep them for future reference or share them with your friends that are looking for a job. Cheers!
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This is actually great for resume design inspiration and such!
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Pretty cool project @viktorkirilov and @volen_vulkov What I loved about this resume generator: 1. Looks extremely polished 2. Gives everyone an idea of what their resume should look like
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Really fun project! Great work, it delivers some great results (and also some funny ones).