This is a demo of a deep learning model creating a synthetic persona based on a short random bio. Shuffle the personalities and try chatting with it. We also open-sourced the code and a tutorial to reproduce this with 250 lines of codes.
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lol I enjoy playing computer games. I am confined to my bed. I am glad that i work from home. I spend a good deal of time on social media. I love when my pets visit me in bed.
@tostartafire @clement_delangue make a app called Presto AI where your pictures get turned into animated videos
We've had so much fun playing with this over the last few days so happy to share this with you!
This is great! Thanks for sharing! I was wondering how come you don't need to re-train the model when you switch personalities? Does it use the same model while shifting weights to favor the new personality?
The app with the very single person:((
For people without friend. Oh, so perfect for me.