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This is a demo of a deep learning model creating a synthetic persona based on a short random bio. Shuffle the personalities and try chatting with it. We also open-sourced the code and a tutorial to reproduce this with 250 lines of codes.
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Dan Dan
Dan Dan@tostartafire · Web Dev.
lol I enjoy playing computer games. I am confined to my bed. I am glad that i work from home. I spend a good deal of time on social media. I love when my pets visit me in bed.
Clément Delangue
Clément DelangueMakerHiring@clement_delangue
@tostartafire 😂😂😂
Clément Delangue
Clément DelangueMakerHiring@clement_delangue
We've had so much fun playing with this over the last few days so happy to share this with you!
seenazzz@craze3 · Founder @ FestivalHunt.com, Pitchenvy.io
This is great! Thanks for sharing! I was wondering how come you don't need to re-train the model when you switch personalities? Does it use the same model while shifting weights to favor the new personality?
Gabriele Brooks
Gabriele Brooks@gabrielebrook16
The app with the very single person:((
Alexey Ivanenko
Alexey Ivanenko@alexeyivanenko4
For people without friend. Oh, so perfect for me.