Get unique AI-generated faces placeholders in Sketch. Free plugin.

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The tiny Sketch plugin that generates unique AI faces – data content placeholders – using API or not, let's put those creepy robots to work! How to use 1. Download, unpack & double-tap on the file 2. Select shape in Sketch 3. Layer → Data → AI-Generated Faces 4. Wait while the plugin is fetching 1024x1024 jpg for you... 5. Get AI-generated face for your image fill Repeat steps 3-5 to change the photo. The plugin is free, but you can buy me a ☕. 😉
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That was quick!
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@cedricamaya there is no time to lose! Someone would have posted this (or very similar) on Monday anyway. The “product” is fully dependent on the third-party. Enjoy while it lasts 😄
Ha ha, that is right!
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Thanks! Very useful for when I'm creating prototypes :)
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What is the goal? Another type of avatar?
@nikjara these people don’t exist, no model releases to sign, no licensing issues. It's the new kind of spooky.
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@stas_kulesh ı don't see market for it. Where I can use it? For what purpose
@nikjara dummy image placeholders for designers. A solid application for AI-generated faces. Not sure if I'm looking for the market in this case though.
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@nikjara @stas_kulesh I actually see a huge need for this when prototyping social/community platforms. It's quite difficult to find authentic looking stock images of headshots. Great extension!
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@stas_kulesh @lachlankirkwood is it so important while prototyping to have these images ? I think the image is not very important