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Help your website do more of whatever it is supposed to do.

Conversion Gold is a paid newsletter that covers actionable tactics that helps your website do more of whatever it is supposed to do. We'll cover design, UI/UX, copy, images ... the whole shebang.
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I've worked with Terry on multiple projects, including Intellifluence. He was consistently several chess moves ahead of the market when it came to CRO, so this is a perfect fit for him. Perhaps I'm biased, but I'm in for a subscription and know that it only takes one nugget from his writing to tweak a conversion rate to the point where it pays for itself multiple decades over.
I’m a seasoned marketer and when I heard Terry had this new project, I happily handed over the $100 for the year.
@hesdave you're a gentleman, a scholar, and a man of good taste.
Hello there, Producthunters. I've built and launched dozens of products over the past 20 or so years. I browse product hunt every. single. day. and I see a ton of common mistakes that people make that can hurt conversions. I also run User Insights, a user testing service. So, I've seen thousand upon thousands of real people browse real websites. Conversion Gold is an email that contains all of my thoughts, tips, and ideas about building websites that users love to use. You'll find it in your inbox twice monthly. There's a sample available on the landing page (and a coupon "producthunt" for 35% off forever). Also, if you're feeling frisky and you spring for the yearly subscription, I'll do a 5 min (or so) review of your website and shoot you the video. Glad to be here, and stoked to be launching this thing. Let's go!
Terry knows so much about CRO that this is a no-brainer.