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Detects Facebook posts as clickbait using deep learning

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Digging through the GitHub repo, seems like the extension makes a call to a backed for the deep learning (fair enough). Can you give us a TLDR of how the deep learning goes? Did you train once with some corpus on Theano or Tensorflow, or is there a rules-based system back there?
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@imackinn @rahulkapoor90 would love to learn more about this too!
@michaelcjoseph @imackinn yes It's a ml program so it learns patterns from different data sets using tensorflow. The dataset consists of about 12,000 headlines half of which are clickbait. The clickbait headlines were fetched from BuzzFeed, NewsWeek, The Times of India and, The Huffington Post. The genuine/non-clickbait headlines were fetched from The Hindu, The Guardian, The Economist, TechCrunch, The wall street journal, National Geographic and, The Indian Express. So, by learning from different data it predicts the clickbait which helps in improving the accuracy. As more users use this tool, the accuracy also increases.
@rahulkapoor90 Isn't that in itself inherently completely flawed? Buzzfeed writes plenty of great headlines and WSJ writes plenty of clickbaity ones.
@rahulkapoor90 @michaelcjoseph @imackinn That's a very clever heuristic. Congrats! I work in product management for online news, so I'm wondering how many false positives your system runs into due to publishers getting creative with their headlines with literacy devices like sarcasm, humor and puns. Thanks! :)
Hello Product Hunt! People continually fall for clickbait and as Wired in it's article mentioned Whether you think clickbait is on the rise, obscurant and self-negating, not such a big deal, or the root of all evil, one thing is clear about it: It’s increasingly hard to pin down. A lot of editors use clickbait in an effort to manipulate you or grab your attention. The difference with clickbait is you’re often aware of this manipulation, and yet helpless to resist it. It’s at once obvious in its bait-iness, and somehow still effective bait. But with this small chrome extension using deep learning one can easily identify whether an article is clickbait or not on Facebook. In the future we hope to add functionality of identifying Fake News as well. I hope you all like this tool and if you have any feedback please comment it below. Thanks! 😺
Very nice. Giving this a shot. nother useful thing would be to help me find articles that are likely false (story not being corroborated by other reputed publications).
@hipreetam93 yes. Fake News is one thing I am also working on as mentioned above. But the problem is Facts need to be cross referenced from the article content. So it is a hard problem to solve.
@rahulkapoor90 Good luck. You'd be solving a huge issue with FB :)
@hipreetam93 Thanks. I'll try my best.
Make this for YouTube and we have ourselves a winner.
@shakurgreen New update now has YouTube support.
Had the same idea a few years ago, but I couldn't deliver it as I didn't have any programming skills. Glad someone built something similar. Good luck with your idea.