This is Broken

A tribute to Seth Godin's book recommendations

This is Broken is my tribute to Seth Godin's Book Recommendations - a fully searchable and categorised list of books that Seth has recommended through his blog, old Squidoo blog posts, his many interviews and the deepest corners of the internet.

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I think Seth Godin is amazing, so I put together this directory of all of his book recommendations. It was a labour of love for me to collate around 250 quotes, but I hope this is something really useful if you are looking for an amazing book to read. Would really love feedback, to hear if this is useful, or ideas for how you you think I could take the site further! Thanks!
As a huge Seth (@thisissethsblog) follower and AltMBA Alumnus, this curated list is great to have in bookmarks. Amazon shortlist, here i come. :)
@amvlad Awesome feedback Alin, thanks so much! Putting together this list has been awesome, I've came across so many great books, glad its useful! Also thanks for the heads up on @thisissethsblog being here, didn't even know! πŸ‘
Wow! Super useful directory. I wouldn't have to look further than this website when I am deciding which book to read next! Thanks @thetwopct!
@dprank Thanks Prashant! It's definitely helped me find some hidden gems
If you had to recommend one of his recommendations, what would it be?
@neilcocker that is an awesome question!! There are so many great books there, and I've read maybe 10% of all his recommendations so far... I think his own book Purple Cow is amazing, and also The Pursuit of Wow! by Tom Peters. I read them both regularly.
@thetwopct I really should read The Purple Cow. I've had a second hand copy on my shelves for years, but just never got round to it!
@neilcocker 'The Dip'. A quick read with profound insights.
@ajonit yes! Great choice πŸ‘
Seth Godin is the man! nice list
@plainavertailu Thanks Paras!! πŸ‘