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I wrote some thoughts about artificially restricting engagement as a means to create a stickier product nearly a few years ago. Coffee Meets Bagel is a good example of this, presenting one potential match each day unlike the seemingly infinite profile swiping on Tinder. This is obviously a core mechanic of and it forces people to be more selective about what they share, but is this enough of a differentiator to get people to build a habit of sharing on and (or instead of) the many other social platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, SMS) we've grown accustomed to? Thoughts, @agolis?
@rrhoover the big guys won't be unseated in what they do best: connecting to friends & family, having live public conversations, etc. But they tend to undermine their abilities as curators by prioritizing those businesses over the quality of the links in their feeds. They make media a means to an end, not the end itself. The 1/day limit focuses the platforms incentives on our user's passion for great media. (And of course makes the signal/noise ratio for consumers awesome). Our bet us that the combination of exhaustion with the sheer volume of stuff out there, plus the Feed Guilt users feel after consuming the meh media they're being exposed to now, presents a big opportunity to build something new.
@agolis @rrhoover Playing with constraints is really interesting. It will be nice to see what you learn with more people using This. What if the 1-post constraint ultimately places too much weight on the act of sharing? Are people able to delete the Upworthy article they saw 3 hours ago with a new one from Clickhole?
I obey house rules and only get new invites to send out to folks when everyone else does. But we just re-upped them for everyone, so hit me up at andrew at this dot cm if you want an invite! First 5 get one!
@agolis Hi. I'm just catching up on my product hunt reviews. Any more invites? Thanks.
Cool idea. Did something similar a while back. I think this is another aspect of the curation trend - forcing people to share only the 1 thing they find really important could make your feed really, really interesting. Will try this out!
Hola Product Hunt, I'm the CEO of This. Tell me your secrets! Ask me your questions.
@agolis I'm curious why you decided to go for read-only in the app?
@davidbauer mostly just a move to get something into the hot little hands of our users as quickly as possible so that we can learn. We're already moving on adding user discovery, notifications and a few other things on the site. It's not quite read-only, of course. You can click on a sharer's avatar to follow them, you can re-share links (and install a button to share from Safari) and give thanks for links you love.
@agolis Thanks. Totally missed the share-from-Safari option.
@agolis I'd love an invite. is a place to find and share the web’s best entertainment, art and journalism. Each user can share just 1 link a day. Now there's an iOS app for This., currently read only.
@davidbauer love this idea - signed up! :)