This American Life - That's One Way to Do It

People who come up with innovative (& unusual) solutions

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Tagline: "Forget the easy way. This week, stories about people who come up with very innovative…and to their problems. Including the story of a young voter who defies political categorization." Prologue: "As a California game warden Terry Grosz went to great lengths — and some depths — to stop illegal fishing. (9 minutes)" Act One: "Producer Zoe Chace hangs out with an unlikely Trump supporter in order to get to the bottom of his unusual motivation. (31 minutes)" Act Two: "Sigrid Frye-Revere was fed up with this kidney donation system in this country. So, she went somewhere that seemed to be doing a better job with its transplant patients— possibly one of the last places you’d expect. (16 minutes)"
This American Life always impresses me with reporting that seems to come from many different viewpoints without entirely bashing them. The humor is perfectly timed, and the seriousness and realness of the shows is amazing as well. This show did an even better job of showcasing that.
This is a great share. Minute 10 with the gay Trump support is an amazing case study in how politics works in America today and how ideology is a product of the people who surround you, why certain groups will always vote Republican, for instance, when voting Democrat would actually be in their best interest.