This American Life - 562: The problem we all live with

First of a two-part series rethinking and reinvent education

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I didn't become a This American Life listener until this summer when I moved to SF, realizing a large amount of people I know here listens to NPR. Since moving here, I get a lot of questions on my thoughts on how the diversity issues can be solved and my response is always it's a bigger issue than than just tech. I highly recommend this episode if you are in the tech scene; This episode shows how big assumptions and culture statuses play a larger role in American Culture.
This American Life really changed my perspective on the world around me. It shows that there's universal values that (almost) everyone has. Podcast/radio is the ultimate platform for this purpose, because you can't see the people that are featured, which minimises the amount of prejudices.
This episode was unbelievable.