Portable charger with 3X faster charging

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I don't think that it's physically possible to charge your current generation iphone 3x faster than using a standard apple charger. your iphone is limited by the input amps or whatever (from my understanding). So would need to understand the tech behind this more.
Still, looks pretty bulky to have as a keyring?!
@bentossell Not sure I'd ever key ring it. Would just pop that baby right in my pocket if I knew I was going to be out and about for too many hours
I saw this on uncrate a while back. It does look bulky and there is no USB-C option. Women are a good market for external battery products... Handbags diminish objections about carrying bulky gadgets.
@jeff_nolan Agreed. If man purses become more mainstream my gadget counts going way up
@jeff_nolan it looks like they have USB-C now. Also, not a female and this looks like it'll fit in my pocket or fanny pack.
@colbywg thanks, I see they have also built out their indiegogo page quite a bit. It's well done. I really like this product but I won't buy it for a couple of reasons. It does look bulky even though the dimensions are not excessive and they are delivering a pretty solid power capacity. The design is also attractive but it is still more than I want to carry and if I were to throw it in my work bag it would just be replacing something equivalent. From a product/market fit standpoint, this is going to appeal to someone who needs the extra power in an always available package that has aesthetics they approve of while not becoming an obstacle to everyday carrying. You could argue it would appeal to people who don't already have an external battery option, but here is where the price point becomes an obstacle in a side by side comparison. In reviewing the USB-C option something else became apparent that was not initially clear to me. You pick one type of connector for the device side while the power-in side is simple USB. I'm carrying USB-C and Lightning devices, so unless I also carry an adapter this charger will only work for the one device I buy it for. Practically speaking, this appears to be smartphone-centric and that's where the greatest pain if felt anyways. I'd still like to have felxibiity to connect multiple types of connectors and/or take power off USB-C (e.g. Macbook). There are a ton of external power products on the market, and yet no single product offers a significant breakthrough that separates it from the rest of the market. Physics is a stubborn thing. Going to market on design alone is not a bad strategy but I don't think it is a breakaway strategy either. These products are considered fungible precisely because they all do pretty much the same thing within the same constraints. Having said that, targeting women demos in their marketing and channel approach, along with building out the product along fashion accessory attributes could be a solid winning strategy for the company, and they are off to a good start with gen 1.