ThinkUp 1.0

Personal analytics for social networks, delivered daily

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ThinkUp analyzes your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook activity to give interesting insights about your account. ThinkUp then emails them to you. It's a nice tool. @anildash can tell you more about it. His team has been polishing this for over a year.
I absolutely love my morning thinkup insights. I've been using the service since @ginatrapani first made it publicly available on TWiG and couldn't be happier! The humanization of data is fascinating and cleverly done. Check out my ThinkUp -
I was very skeptical of ThinkUp when I first tested it, but it's now the only service I pay for to monitor my personal networks (and I run a social media agency). Highly recommended.
@mikeorren Mike, thanks so much -- that's an incredible endorsement, and I'm glad it's been of value to you.
This is pretty cool and I love the price point :) @anildash I don't want to add my personal FB account but a page, will that be possible in the future?
@bramk that's definitely on the roadmap! We've been holding off on the feature a bit because we're focused pretty squarely on individual power users more than brands, but we know folks want the feature.
@anildash Ok that's awesome, I'm not very active on FB personally but I got some pages I would love to track
I love how it is focused on my personal network.