Motivational text messages sent at workout times.

Interesting idea but being called "Think Thinly" is a very poor choice... all sorts of problems with that
@bentossell Hi Ben. What problems do you see with the name ThinkThinly?
@jeremy_geltman thinking thin... thin isn't exactly a healthy thing to promote and can be seen in many different ways. theres been lots of issues with companies in that area
@jeremy_geltman @bentossell anorexic communities. Or that there has been an ongoing battle against them
I think this will make me want to work out more!
Like this idea but the photo I was sent with the first text was a little weird (looked like an infomercial comparison, and then not mentioned in the text), and the site said my number was already taken, but then sent me a text anyway. Would love to see this improved!
@jonsamp This is fantastic feedback! Thank you.