Create a profile and let A.I find your next job

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Just added this to my Hack Your Job Search collection
@gabriel__lewis Cool list, thanks a lot!
Hi Everyone! I'm part of the small team behind ThinkSquare. ThinkSquare is an A.I powered job matching platform. No cover letters or resumes required, one profile brings you a curated list of jobs personalized to your skills, experience and preferences. Hiring companies only receive candidates who are qualified/have the right skills at the top of the hiring funnel. This allows them to decide which applicants would be the best fit instead of which candidates simply don't belong in the talent pool. I'd love to hear some feedback and if you're looking for work or simply curious, sign up!
Hmmm Interesting... 🤔
Looks pretty great. Went through and built my profile. Waiting for Seattle! :)
@dnuzum Thanks for the kind words! We'll let you know when Seattle's on the list.
Would be great to be able to import from LinkedIn. Love how the resume looks !
@chanc Glad you like the look! Unfortunately, LinkedIn prevents us from allowing apply with LinkedIn as per their ToS. But we're looking into allowing users to upload a pdf version of their profile, you can download it directly from your LinkedIn page :)