Making it easy to track and model corporate financial data

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Super easy to use. Big fan.
Very cool. I bet number-loving @nayafia and @daniellemorrill will dig this.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan!
Hey, my name is Justin. I'm a co-founder at Thinknum. Check out the site and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your support!
@jzprince this is going to suck a lot of time out of my next 48 hours Justin - curious what made you want to solve this problem?
@nabeel I was working at a hedge fund and my co-founder at Goldman Sachs, where we saw traders email spreadsheets back and forth and update data manually. We decided to build a cloud-based platform that leverages web resources for analysts to create and host their models.
I've watched ThinkNum evolve from an early concept to live product that solves a key problem for financial modeling. I'm proud to be a "sister" to this great company!
Awesome. Definitely plan to set aside a chunk of time to play with this over this weekend. Maybe I'll even build a model :) More education material would be fantastic, depending on who you want this to appeal to. I've always thought there should be a site that just GIVES laymen opinions on stocks rather than let them derive them themselves. Kind of how news just gives opinions on events. So you could add Model Explainers that really simplify the key concepts and give people tweetable talking points.
@cjl49 Hey Calvin, that's awesome, would love to see your models! We're working on adding features that enable users to explain their models/assumptions, etc.