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Hi! We’ve just launched Thinkific’s Sales Widget – a super simple way to embed and sell online courses and related digital products on any site. Whether you are selling your online courses, ebooks, or even related items like consulting time, you can now embed an easy way to promote and sell from any site. Give away courses or products for free with one-step lead capture & registration, or load a checkout and process payments without leaving the page. If you haven’t tried Thinkific, we're a platform that let’s you easily create, market and sell online courses and related products. Independent experts, coaches, entrepreneurs, and even companies like Hootsuite use us to educate clients and generate revenues. Thinkific can be standalone, or integrated into any website for your own white labelled course platform. Try it out for free at We’d love to answer your questions about the sales widget, Thinkific, or online courses. We’ll be responding to comments throughout the day!
Awesome - I've got some friends that are looking at using this and they love it so far! Great work!
@wmharris101 Thanks William! Great to hear they're loving it and thanks for the feedback.
Great landing page, I love the CTA "Get it while it's hot" 😂! But I especially like how you have the code directly on the page making it super simple. I'm definitely going to use this in 2016.